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Khamis, 6 Mei 2010

4jib Super Junior 4th album teaser come out tomorrow.... cik eyeNa teruje!!!

Super Junior is boy band from Korea that make me so excited towards them...huhu..I don't know why?? ^_^ maybe they have their own charisma when they are all 13 as one group. Tomorrow they will come out with their teaser album. Even though this time they come back wasn't include Kang In, Ki Bum and Hang Kyung, I will always be their Elf~ hihi... ;D    

This time they look so namja kekeke, even Shin Dong look like lose some his weight..haha he cool beb... everyone so so so great... thank for always fight for your ELF...  Saranghae SUJU ♥


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